Sunday, 13 March 2011

Make Up - Tidy Up ... Plus Homemade Shades!

After spending 10 minutes this morning searching through my make up collection for my YSL Touche Eclat (Mega bags as feeling ill and very rough at the moment) I knew I had to have a good sort out!

I don't wear make up every day but have so much! I love trying all the new colours and have a terrible habit of buying it when I see it at a bargain price!!  At the moment alot of the Poundshops are getting Rimmel, Collection 2000, N.Y.C. in and they have some great item so I always end up buying a few different one to try, one of the Lipsticks I got in there was in boots for £6.49 so a great saving!
Also Superdrug have a great range called MUA (MakeUpAcademy) where everything is a £1. I have tried a fair few pieces from that range, I find the blushers and foundations great and some of the eyeshadows I would actually rate better than Urban Decay, A brand I love but have limited of due to the price.

When I got home this afternoon I spent a good hour sorting it out, and now its looking lovely and neat, not sure how long it will stay like that hehe!

I did manage to clear alot out this time and will be taking it home next weekend for my Cousin's little Girl's (age  4-7) to play "Pretty Princesses" with, rather than their Mums expensive make up!

Usually i'm terrible for holding on to everything and somehow think up an excuse as to why I should keep it... Great for fancy dress? Halloween? Incase I lose the others? What if I get a tan, that foundation thats a tad too dark at the moment will then be perfect! Ha Crazy excuses I know.

While sorting out though I did find a make up set that i've held on to for the last 2 years but hardly used, it's one of those sets that has about 24 colours, 18 of them that are ok but you wouldn't really wear them and about 6 amazing colours. I was just about to give up on it when I remembered I had some of those little clear pots so decided to play a little mix up with some of the shades.

Here's a picture of the set after I finished taking the colours I wanted, should have took one before hand and could have showed your which ones I mixed together.. never quite think till it's too late.. oh well :)

And here's the colours I made. They are a mixture of 3 or 4 different colours from the tray and i'm so glad of the way they turned out, I think they look really rich and glamourous, Also as they have a glitter look to them they look really metallicy when on :)I kept the dark blue on it's own as thats one of my favourites from the set.

I also mixed 3 blusher colours that I like but are always a little off, together and put them in an empty No7 blusher pot.

Doe's anyone else mix eyeshadows together.. or make excuse's as to why they are keeping make up their haven't worn in a while? ... maybe just me lol!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend...
Kerry X

P.S. When sorting out my nail varnish's I realised that the ones with a little metal ball inside don't go clumpy and if they seperate then after a few seconds of shaking the ball mixes it all back up. I'm going to look to get some little metal balls for when I buy new varnish's and pop one in each... hopefully this will keep they great for longer :D

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