Sunday, 13 March 2011

Make Up - Tidy Up ... Plus Homemade Shades!

After spending 10 minutes this morning searching through my make up collection for my YSL Touche Eclat (Mega bags as feeling ill and very rough at the moment) I knew I had to have a good sort out!

I don't wear make up every day but have so much! I love trying all the new colours and have a terrible habit of buying it when I see it at a bargain price!!  At the moment alot of the Poundshops are getting Rimmel, Collection 2000, N.Y.C. in and they have some great item so I always end up buying a few different one to try, one of the Lipsticks I got in there was in boots for £6.49 so a great saving!
Also Superdrug have a great range called MUA (MakeUpAcademy) where everything is a £1. I have tried a fair few pieces from that range, I find the blushers and foundations great and some of the eyeshadows I would actually rate better than Urban Decay, A brand I love but have limited of due to the price.

When I got home this afternoon I spent a good hour sorting it out, and now its looking lovely and neat, not sure how long it will stay like that hehe!

I did manage to clear alot out this time and will be taking it home next weekend for my Cousin's little Girl's (age  4-7) to play "Pretty Princesses" with, rather than their Mums expensive make up!

Usually i'm terrible for holding on to everything and somehow think up an excuse as to why I should keep it... Great for fancy dress? Halloween? Incase I lose the others? What if I get a tan, that foundation thats a tad too dark at the moment will then be perfect! Ha Crazy excuses I know.

While sorting out though I did find a make up set that i've held on to for the last 2 years but hardly used, it's one of those sets that has about 24 colours, 18 of them that are ok but you wouldn't really wear them and about 6 amazing colours. I was just about to give up on it when I remembered I had some of those little clear pots so decided to play a little mix up with some of the shades.

Here's a picture of the set after I finished taking the colours I wanted, should have took one before hand and could have showed your which ones I mixed together.. never quite think till it's too late.. oh well :)

And here's the colours I made. They are a mixture of 3 or 4 different colours from the tray and i'm so glad of the way they turned out, I think they look really rich and glamourous, Also as they have a glitter look to them they look really metallicy when on :)I kept the dark blue on it's own as thats one of my favourites from the set.

I also mixed 3 blusher colours that I like but are always a little off, together and put them in an empty No7 blusher pot.

Doe's anyone else mix eyeshadows together.. or make excuse's as to why they are keeping make up their haven't worn in a while? ... maybe just me lol!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend...
Kerry X

P.S. When sorting out my nail varnish's I realised that the ones with a little metal ball inside don't go clumpy and if they seperate then after a few seconds of shaking the ball mixes it all back up. I'm going to look to get some little metal balls for when I buy new varnish's and pop one in each... hopefully this will keep they great for longer :D

Friday, 11 March 2011

At The Moment I'm.....

Addicted to: 24 the drama featuring Keifer Sutherland

Feeling: Tired and achy :(

Crushing on: Rihanna's Styling!

In Love with: Cooking - curries, stews, chillies... Filling homemade food! Yum!

Lusting for: Vivienne Westwood Cherry Heels

Disliking: the cold weather!

Looking forward to: Visiting my parents

Missing: Cuddles :(

Busy with: having a mega clear out and selling lots on eBay

Buying: Crafty stuff for clothes customising.

Excited for: Payday! Money = Shopping!

Listening to: Time of Grace

Much Love
Kerry X

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

February's Top 3 Purchases!!!

Looking back on the things I brought in February I feel pretty well behaved. I spent more on going out and saved some towards a fashion course i'm going to do, got the application through the post today so sending it back tomorrow! Cannot wait :)

Studded Brooch - New Look Sale - £0.50p
I'm guessing this had fallen of an item of clothing as I have not seen such big and detailed brooches in New Look before and I pop to a new look every 2/3 days. Not sure what I will wear it with yet but thought it was too nice to resist.

I added a AA Battery to give you an idea of the size of the Brooch

Vintage Striped and Bow Print Shirt - St Gemmas Hospice - £1.25
I was totally drawn to this as soon as I saw it! Think it will look cute and summery teamed with a red skirt and white belt.

That Gal Face Primer by Benefit - eBay - £2.49 (inc postage)
I have never used a Primer before but after reading a few make up reviews thought it would a try as sometimes I have problems with my foundation seeming patchy. I didn't want to get a big one incase it didn't suit my skin or didn't help so I opted for a travel size one. So far i'm actually loving it!

Also today is the start of Lent, I'm not religous but thought i'd join in on the giving up of something after a conversation with a few friends. Originally I said i'd give up clothes shopping... damn! Think I was getting into it a lil too much. So have decided that I will give up my morning Bagel and Latte from Starbucks, instead i'm guna take fruit or cereals i with me. Also  giving up my end of week 'Whippy'... The lovely guy who works in the Starbucks pod in my work makes me an amazing Mocha or Hot Chocolate on my last day of week, with mega amounts of Whipped Cream (A total weakness for me) on hehe... aswell as sprinkles!

Is anyone else giving up something for lent?

Much Love
Kerry X

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Update and tonights plans :)

I think my last post may have cursed the sun as it's been pretty bleak and cold since then :(

I did go on my day out and ended up choosing Dewsbury. It has a few Charity Shops and also a few of the high street stores aswell as a Market. The market is full of pretty materials and gorgeous braiding that I could have happily spend hours looking through. Some of the stalls have gorgeous new clothes at low low prices! I got this super cute dress, Its originally from Asda George and was £16.00, I got this baby for £5.00.

The Charity Shops were all quite small but packed with treasures that were very fairly priced. Lots of basic clothing from high street stores and  fair amount of vintage clothing. I managed to resist some of the bargains but had to get this amazing Red Dress, it was only £5.00.

Tonight i'm going to a Burlesque Show, really cannot wait as its always full of prettiful people in amazing clothing and the show itself is full of delights! I'm hoping to get some picture's for you all. There are also some stalls there and as it's being held at a bar i'm sure i'll be having a few cocktails!

Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend, back to work tomorrow...dreaded Monday :(

Much Love
Kerry X

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Summer is on it's way!! Let the customising clothes commence... X

Today i've been toddling around Leeds in the sun, feeling pretty carefree and super happy... oh the joys of a few days off work hehe! I'm hoping if it's this nice tomorrow i'll go on a little shopping adventure to somewhere i've not been before... maybe Sheffield... Skipton.... Dewsbury?? Hmm still deciding... should really hurry up or i'll be stood at the train station tomorrow trying to pick while the lady at the counter gets slightly annoyed at me for holding up the queue of angry commuters.  Ek!

I visited the market and stocked up on a few crafty bits. While there I found the perfect 'item' to customise the wonderful green denim skirt that previously posted about.

I wanted to be able to wear it casual but also have the chance to wear it dressed up to so slashes and zips were a no go! As i'm currently loving all things corsetry I thought i'd work with that, After a bit of deciding I got these wonderful crafty bits together.

2 Swallow Patches - I adore clothing with Swallows on and have a few sets.
Grommet tape - this is so hard to get in the UK at a fair price so I did a bulk purchase from the USA a few years, it's my sewing 'Golddust' and only gets 
used on the best projects.
4 sew in suspenders - these were todays super bargain, there were in the 50p clearance box... totally made my day :)

*** An hour later my craft goodies and plain green skirt turned out like this! ***

I love that it's still kinda simple yet has something about it :). If I was going to be wearing it dressed up i'd team it with a black corset, knee high socks or stockings... clipped in of course! ;) and some killer heels!

For a dress down look i'd probably wear it with boots, a plain tee & leather jacket... maybe accessories it more! This then got me routing through my box of accessories... I found these great badges that I brought a few months ago and realised they'd be perfect! £1 - H&M bargain <3

Add a funky belt, some chain-age and WOLA...!! Dressed down it also looks ace... kinda grunge/punk!!

I'm pretty happy that i've started on my customised summer clothing as I left it really late last year. Doe's anyone else customise their clothing ready for summer? What trends is everyone lovin' for this summer?

Much Love & Happy Craftin'
Kerry X

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Ebay Free Listing Day... bye bye Sunday shopping!

Is anyone else taking advantage of the eBay Free Listing Day today?

It's not my ideal plans for a Sunday but it has to be done. I haven't done any for quite some time due to Xmas / New Year then a manic work scedule and my "sell on eBay" pile had grown and has now taken over 2 suitcases!! Ek!!

I really should stop buying clothing before I try it on or buying things in a size smaller in a hope to get in them... and when they are in the sales I always think why not.. Bargain!! Not the best way to shop but at that time it seems just right.

I'm half way though listing a lot that I took pictures of last night... The odd one or two things i'm really gutted to sell but know i'll never wear :(

Do you ever find when your listing items that you try them one last time... just to doule check that they don't suit you.. or if fit you yet? *Deep breath in* hehe!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend... Roll on Summer weekends :D

Kerry x

Saturday, 26 February 2011

January's Top 3 Purchases!!!

As i'm a girl thats continuously shopping and always has an eye for a bargain I tend to buy alot of things! All of which i'd love to show you but I'd have to be blogging every day if I was going to... terrible I know hehe.

So thought i'd share my Top 3 purchases of the month... I realise it's a little late for January's but as i've only just thought to do this and got some of the most wonderful things in January I couldn't not share them!

Alexander Henry Skull Dress - Oxfam Charity Shop - £6.99
I was totally chuffed when I saw this dress as i'd been after one for a while yet they are around £60/70 to buy normal. I also like that it's by a brand i've never heard of so therefore I won't see anyone else wearing this cut of it :)

'Damask' Style Dress - Oxfam Charity Shop - £4.99

This gorgeous dress is actually by Tesco and is still tagged! - £25. Im not usually a fan of all over prints yet thought this was very WOW. I think it looks quite Couture or Boutique'y!

 Green Denim Skirt - Charity Shop - £2.49
Yes Green... somewhat shocking as not a colour I wear lots of but I love this skirt as it makes me think of summer (which is hopefully just round the corner, figers crossed!!). Also as it's so simple i'm hoping to decorate it .. not sure what i'm going to do with it yet, I have a few ideas!

Do you ever look back as your purchases and as much as you love them all still have a favour or 2??

Much Love & Happy Shopping!
Kerry X